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  • Computer Business Review - SpamHaus Seeks to Put Spam Reputation in the DNS

    Mail transfer agent (MTA) and spam-filtering software could be configured to recognize that mail from a .mail address is inherently not spam and filter accordingly. Sendmail Inc, a major MTA vendor, is supporting the .mail application.

    "My first response was 'That's insane, it couldn't possibly work'," said Sendmail CTO Eric Allman, who may be tapped to be on the registry's board. "Then I heard more and realized it would work and it's actually a pretty cool idea."
  • The Register - Anti-spammers press for own domain

    More interesting is .mail, the proposal for a special anti-spam TLD. The concept is similar to sender authentication proposals (SPF, RMX, Caller ID etc) currently under discussion in the technical community and some big companies, only it uses a special namespace for storing the information about the mailserver of under

    Steve Linford, founder of, is named as the first board member of the Supporting Organisation for the Registry, the "Anti-Spam Community Registry".
  • The Register - SpamHaus lobbies for .mail TLD

  • TechNewsWorld - Proposed Top-Level Domains Target Porn, Spam, Jobs

    While TLDs are seen primarily as an organizational tool, Spamhaus believes it can use its proposed suffix -- .mail -- to fight spam. The idea is to create a domain guaranteed to be spam free, explained Spamhaus volunteer John Reid.

    "It allows places that don't spam to use this TLD and the system behind it to send mail that will be vouched for by Spamhaus and the group behind it to be spam free," he told TechNewsWorld.
  • NW Fusion - ICANN considers domain name extensions

  • Computer Business Review - Ten Applications Filed for New Internet Domains

    Having a .mail address would guarantee that you do not spam, according to the application. Names would take the form, and would be used primarily in email, though the web could be used to lookup a registrant's mailing practices.
  • PC Pro - New .mail top-level domain offers hope for spoiling spam

    The Internet's governing body is considering a proposal for a .mail top-level domain that could be a powerful new weapon in the fight against spam.

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